Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Journey in Second Life Part 5: Taking a Tour

Within Second Life there are so many locations to visit but where to start and what to expect? Taking advise from those who have previously explored the SL depths is not a bad place to start. That is exactly what I did here, I followed an Ancient Civilizations Tour that had been previously created adnd left for others to follow. Below are pictures from my tour.
e-wrecked moon..cool

visiting the Goliath, ROMA

Museum Island

Hittite Empire, and a swing
Apollonian Empire

Overall these places are really slick. Well themed and as realistic graphics and decorations. A very intresting visit to SL tonight.
Where are your favorite hangouts in SL? Where do you spend your time when you visit? Let me know, maybe I'll see you there sometime.

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  1. Terrific travel-log of your tour. You seem to have mastered the photo process. Good job. Did you have a favorite place in your tour?

    I like some of the Astronomy sites where I can walk to Jupiter.