Monday, January 11, 2016

Create Something Worth Creating....and Make it Cool!

Getting it Out and into the World in a Way That Works

So right now I am in the process of building an eLeaning demo using Articulate Storyline eLearning authoring tool. I have been working with Articulate Storyline to rapidly prototype the ideas I have in my head. I have an example here that I have started. I am trying to incorporate several different things with this. First off the need for a quality course that assists in knowledge transfer is a must. Second, the ability to make it interesting, challenging, and something that works for everyone....OK most everyone.

That last part is really the trick though....

Anyone who has created anything like this knows that the user is the make or break. Content is king but without loyal subjects to talk to we look as much the fool as the king. So trying to find that mix of entertain, challenge, and transfer is the ultimate goal. Now that being said I can only hope to attain something so useful and by no means am I suggesting I've hit the bulls-eye with this design but I like where it's heading.

Meet Atsumi to get started on your quest. 
So in this prototype I am trying to incorporate a more "Game Link" mentality. Whats great about Storyline as a rapid design tool is the crazy awesome tools at your disposal. In this scenario you are a new hire and your challenge is to explore the office and meet all of your co-workers. There are variables controlling interaction as you go (currently only three of the locations have content and interaction) and as you go you will be faced with opportunities that will show your progress. I am trying to incorporate variables that require you to complete certain tasks and collect certain items before you can progress. Just a reminder that this is an early iteration.

First Day At the Office Prototype

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Augmented Reality for Presentation

Augmented Reality(AR) is My reality

This is going to be a new weekly update as I continue prepping my first ever conference speaking engagement. My hope is that though these updates I can not only share but learn a little more about my presentation topic, Augment Reality in Training and Curriculum.

I will be presenting, along with my colleague Mark Banit, this March at Learning Solutions 2016 in sunny Orlando, Florida. Our topic is that of Augmented Reality in Training and Curriculum design. I will be updating the ideas that we will be sharing in that presentation as well as some of the AR projects that I will be committing to this year for both classrooms and training rooms that I develop for.

Week 1

This week we are looking at the general presentation structure about how we will be managing our 45 minute presentation. The first topic of our presentation is a quick recap on what AR is and What it is and what it isn't. We also want to take a brief moment to clarify Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality just to be sure we are all starting from the same start. 

 Simon Crook eLarning Blog
Image from Simon Crook eLearning Blog

Resource Sites

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Augmented Reality Testing Image

So I'm looking into Augmented Reality apps. Enhancements that bring your static 2D images to life with additional content. This is a test. I set my target image, the image that is used to identify how the augmentation should happen. I don't know if this is how it works just yet, I'm still experimenting. However if successful I see a potential use in job aids or enhanced explanations for documents. Maybe more, who knows. OK so if anyone is reading and wants to check it out the steps are below:

#1 download the ONVERT app
#2 scan the QR code to load the media
#3 use your phones camera and point at the image below

At that point it should recognize and display the additional content. If anyone happens to give it a try let me know how easy/hard or confusing it might be.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

An eLearning developer who dosent develop eLearning

As an eLearning developer it is my job to create engaging, timely, and ultimately effective courses/instances for the subject matter experts (or as we call them in a rather Dr. Suessian phrase "SME's") that request them. Lately however I have found myself recommending anything but when approached for eLearning development. .One of the biggest obstacles to training or changing behavior is identifying the best tool for the task. Sadly it seems that time and time again eLearning is not the best choice. Could I create eLearning every time it’s requested of me? Yes I could. Should I create eLearning every time it’s requested? It turns out the answer is no I shouldn’t.

At this point I could relate this to an old adage about a toolbox with only one tool and everything looking like a nail but for most of us we know, one tool is not always the best option. Recently I have had the pleasure of discovering a tool that helps me in evaluating the dilemma I just outlined; is training really the answer?

Cathy Moore "Action Map"
In my travels I found a tool that effectively grounded my eLearning development for the better. Cathy Moore, saver of the masses from boring training, provides a tool that helps identify what type of tool will fill the needs of your SME's. I recommend that you check out her blog. It’s full of great information.

As I looked over the action map for the first time I realized that I have created training (battling deadlines, SME's, and silver bullet expectations) in situations where another tool would have been a better choice.

So here I am, and eLearning developer without eLearning. Instead I find myself being a process change reccomender, or a job aid maker, and sometimes a culture change cultivator; to my dismay at times though not an eLearning developer.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Journey into Second Life Quest 7 and 8: Virtual Tours

Although this is the end of my exercise, I don’t see it as the end of my time in Second Life. The more I visit and explore the more I can see a great deal of potential for communication, engagement, and education. With more time and experience I hope that I can incorporate all of these elements into my future classrooms. Some of which might just meet exclusively in second Life someday, something to think over.
Abbots Space Port
In my last installment for this particular exercise I scouted out some locations inside of Second Life that all centered on a central theme and then created a tour of them for anyone else interested in the same theme to follow. So I picked the coolest possible theme and explored until I found some really detailed and committed locations to explore it, Science Fiction. In my searches I tried to find a wide variety of items, some super educational, some kind of informative but engaging visually, and some that are just guilty pleasures from the heart of a Sci-Fi fan boy. Below you will find a listing of the name of the locations, a little bit of detail about what to expect, and a URL that will get you there. No the caveat there is that you will have to be a part of the Second Life universe to visit and interact. Take a look and tell me what you think.

Sci Fi Exploration and Education Tour

This is a tour card that explores simulation and education opportunities within the subject of Science Fiction. All of the locations have some kind of science fiction theme, some more recognizable than others, and provides an interesting look at the imagination and application of the theme in second life.
~Virtual D

This is a themed area that allows users to interact with some futuristic and fantastic objects. In this space port make sure you spend some time skydiving on the 4th floor of the main building, test you skill at landing in the target and don’t forget your parachute. When you’re done take a trip on a Di Vinci inspired airship design around the island.
Inspire is a well-designed bit of space with some floating techno lighted dance floors. Upon entering travel straight up and look through one of the viewfinders and it will allow you to see everything in the area. It is very cool but a little tricky because it needs access to your view controls to show what it wants. Overall if you like techno music and are looking for a place to mingle and dance this is a place to check out and see.
A great place to star when you teleport here is to walk straight ahead and take the tour. A history of space flight is lined up and displayed throughout this area. The tour helps you to see exactly what is available in the area and it will highlight some of the items you pass in the bottom left corner. See Cape Canaveral, Mercury 7 Park, and of course the gift shop for souvenirs. Make sure to ride all the way around to where you started then turn around and check out the virtual planetarium. Great location to visit for those interested in space.

Now at first glance this is little more than a pitch for a company working in nanotechnology. However I placed it here for its solar system tour. Upon arriving leave the building and walk towards the object that looks like red circles in chicken wire, on the other side if the solar system tour. Along the walk for this tour there are displays with information about each of the pieces that make up our solar system.  Turn off the volume though, a company pitch is running throughout

Another location at spaceport alpha was very well done and I felt deserved its own link here.  With the earth below you walk around the space station learning about things like low earth orbit and the Hubble telescope. Make sure you teleport to the various planet by selecting them to learn about when we visited as well as information about the planets structure. Be careful not to fall off, but if you do the parachute you picked up earlier will come in handy bringing you safe and sound back to the main spaceport alpha area. After falling out of space check out the various rockets and other NASA related information. There’s a lot to see and learn for every space enthusiast. As I mentioned before take the tour first to get the lay of the land before you get to far along so you don't miss anything.

So I haven’t found out exactly what is going on in this area yet but it is all about futuristic flashy lights and pictures so I was all in from the get go. Upon arrival you teleport in right next to a mono-wheel rez sign, click on it to get some super cool transportation or walk along a little further and get a scooter to ride and check everything out.  Stop by the game room, vend out some snacks while you inside then make your way passed the elephants to the outdoors. Now outside it's a cross between science fiction and well to quite honest i don't know what. If you go further west or north you will run into....Ireland. No joke, this is one crazy place. Visit the flashy light and pics then stop by and say hi to Meg, she built Ireland.

This next section is a complete and total fan boy experience for me, a Star Wars themed sim. No beware you are required to be dressed appropriately to visit this area. If you go in dressed like anything that would not belong in a star wars movie such as jeans, sweatshirts, Hayden Christensen, and then you will be expelled, rest easy though it will not cost very much as the outfits that will get you by are completely free. The landing area is full of for pay items as well but free Jedi robes or commoner garb is available. Now this is a little more advanced as far as the sims I have seen. They take their rules very seriously so before going too far get the free clothes and get an observer tag, and put it on. This will allow you free walk around privileges to see what’s going on. It is a little complicated but worth it in the visuals and to watch the interactions between everyone. Shop and explore, very cool for the Star Wars fan.

Need a break from your Second Life explorations, stop by and catch a movie. This location is a great throw back to the 50 era dinner and sci fi mix. You start out on the flying platform with the theatre next to the concession stand, get some pop and popcorn then head around back to the movie. You can choose from sci fi and horror clips in the theatre screen. Careful when you get to the back, there is open air and you could fall all the way down to the ground. Not to worry we still have a parachute and even if you don't the ground in SL is much softer than the real world. On the ground below there is a teleport area to get back to the drive in and some shops a carousel and some homes for sale.

This is a launching pad (get it, sci fi, launching pad.......) for exploring the various simulations in Second Life. There are gateways to other locations in the sci fi/fantasy SL universe; it has everything from a Harry Potter to Star Trek and Wars. Before you go hopping off somewhere else take a few minutes to explore what this expo has to offer. By far the best experience here is up top, you can fly to space in your choice of space craft to a space station. Once there you can space walk or move up into the flight control area and move the station to orbit around additional planets. The trip back to earth is equally fun through the escape pod. Take a break from space travel and get your free scuba gear and go the opposite direction, not that we need scuba but hey, free is free. When your underwater make sure to interact with the marlin, he give you a landmark for an underwater shop with some neat freebies.

I am Such a Nerd
My last stop on this exploration is another fully immersive simulation. Gain the inner sci fi fan could not resist a Star Trek themed simulation opportunity. This is a little more involved and should be attempted once you have a pretty good feel for changing your appearance, attaching objects and interacting with your environment. This is by far the best sim I have found in the science fiction areas. You can transport to a space station or down to a colony on the planet. It has everything, so if you are a fan this will be a very interesting experience. If you’re not, take a peek just to see how detailed it is, then teleport on out for the next adventure.

I hope everyone ejoys visiting the site I suggested. If you have any additional please let me know what I missed. I woulk like nothing more than to add to my list for further exploration. Safe Travels to all in SL.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Journey into Second Life: Making My Own Clothes

I have been trying out some new things in SL and found out how to incorporate my Photoshop skills into my avatars appearance. Below are just a few things I put together, nothing to fancy just playing around. I see thta a lot of people do this and then try to sell their creations to others inside of SL. A cool idea, and somehting that I could proably get into, but way to time consuming. I made just a couple shirts and then a pair of pants, and aside from the copyright issues I might face in the future I was pleased with the results.

At 2-8 this year it's hard to stay a fan

My ghost buster shirt with pants, belt, and knee pads included.

Anyone else creating their own wardrobe in Second Life? Any pointers on how to edit your shoes or advanced objects for them to hold? I think the opportunity to truly customize your avatar to your liking is very unique and offers a greater connection to them and thus to the game itself.