Monday, January 11, 2016

Create Something Worth Creating....and Make it Cool!

Getting it Out and into the World in a Way That Works

So right now I am in the process of building an eLeaning demo using Articulate Storyline eLearning authoring tool. I have been working with Articulate Storyline to rapidly prototype the ideas I have in my head. I have an example here that I have started. I am trying to incorporate several different things with this. First off the need for a quality course that assists in knowledge transfer is a must. Second, the ability to make it interesting, challenging, and something that works for everyone....OK most everyone.

That last part is really the trick though....

Anyone who has created anything like this knows that the user is the make or break. Content is king but without loyal subjects to talk to we look as much the fool as the king. So trying to find that mix of entertain, challenge, and transfer is the ultimate goal. Now that being said I can only hope to attain something so useful and by no means am I suggesting I've hit the bulls-eye with this design but I like where it's heading.

Meet Atsumi to get started on your quest. 
So in this prototype I am trying to incorporate a more "Game Link" mentality. Whats great about Storyline as a rapid design tool is the crazy awesome tools at your disposal. In this scenario you are a new hire and your challenge is to explore the office and meet all of your co-workers. There are variables controlling interaction as you go (currently only three of the locations have content and interaction) and as you go you will be faced with opportunities that will show your progress. I am trying to incorporate variables that require you to complete certain tasks and collect certain items before you can progress. Just a reminder that this is an early iteration.

First Day At the Office Prototype

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Augmented Reality for Presentation

Augmented Reality(AR) is My reality

This is going to be a new weekly update as I continue prepping my first ever conference speaking engagement. My hope is that though these updates I can not only share but learn a little more about my presentation topic, Augment Reality in Training and Curriculum.

I will be presenting, along with my colleague Mark Banit, this March at Learning Solutions 2016 in sunny Orlando, Florida. Our topic is that of Augmented Reality in Training and Curriculum design. I will be updating the ideas that we will be sharing in that presentation as well as some of the AR projects that I will be committing to this year for both classrooms and training rooms that I develop for.

Week 1

This week we are looking at the general presentation structure about how we will be managing our 45 minute presentation. The first topic of our presentation is a quick recap on what AR is and What it is and what it isn't. We also want to take a brief moment to clarify Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality just to be sure we are all starting from the same start. 

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