Friday, November 18, 2011

My Journey in Second Life Part 4: Changing My Appearance

Here is how I looked to start
No Sleeves
As my journey continues into second life I constantly encounter individuals who have designed a pretty unique looking avatar. I began to wonder how might I also change the way I look and what are my options. Although you can spend money to get fancy clothes I think to start off with I will create some of my own. It is also possible to change your avatar entirely to either a human, robot, animal, or other type of vehicle. Personally I found this a little goofy but I tried it out anyway to see if I truly looked better as a virtual human, or a virtual machine. Below are some of the looks I tried for, again all on my own. As you will see quickly a designer I am not and your options for this are limited, at least as far as I have found they are.

I tried out a few looks including a sleeveless and jeans ensamble. A nice looking short and t-shirt combination (Thanks for the shirt Dr. Z). Last but not least I tried on some artifical intelegence.
IT Rules!!

Overall the controls were a little confusing and they were a little slow on the response. You can go into the appearance settings and change not only the outfit but things like facial hair, body shape, leg length, how many muscles you want, and much more. Overall they seem to do the job and allow for a very customized representation.
Dancing Machine..literally
So what do you think? I know a designer I am not, but in my defense it take an awful lot of time and the controls are a little "jinky" at best. For you second-lifers let me know what you are wearing, better yet show me a pic of your avatar. How are you customizing your look in the virtual world?

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  1. Love your IT Rules photo. Never saw the IT shirt look so good.