Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Journey in Second Life Part 3: Lionheart Orientation Island

So my latest exploration had led me to the hallowed halls of Lionheart Orientation Island (if you would like to visit, and you have a SL character click the link). It was a nice place to further my knowlege about SL. Things I learned:
Vintage DK in SL
  1. All about opening packages in SL (Three different Ways....Who Knew you could do more than wear the big boxes on your person)
  2. Setting a Land mark (Essentially a bookmark) to save a location in SL for return later. (World >Landmark this place).
  3. Some dude has an arcade in his basement...and there's a vintage Donkey Kong machine you can play.
  4. You have to be Age Verified (over 18) to get into club passion. There looking for bouncers and singers by the way, if anyone is interested. 
  5. If you fly around the city the music changes from techno, to rock, to Electric Avenue by Eddie Grant. "You got to rock down to.....Electric Avenue...And then we take you higher....." Too cool.
Overall this is a great launching pad for getting used to SL and the nuances therin. I like it so far, it's unique.
So my questions here are to the SL veterans. Can you actually get a job in SL? Has anyone been hired? Whats it like? I am curious how all of this works. 
Nice Pear

Need a Job

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  1. Glad to hear that you had a good time "getting oriented." Yes, you can get a job just standing around when you aren't actively in SL. You might do a search in Google if you want to learn more about these jobs.