Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sharing Resources

I think that my favorite sites to visit are the ones that have links. Not just any links but links to the things that make me smarter and happier. Links that show me the latest and greatest apps for my iPad, pathways to blogs that show people who are innovating in education with technology, doors that tell me who to sit or start in my fantasy football league for the best chance of winning. All of this great information shares a common trait, someone shared them with me. Not all directly to just me but it feels like it since I'm the only one at my computer when I take a look at them. Nicely wrapped up and delivered for my viewing edification. So this post is an effort to repay the favor, I would like to share some of my favorite links with everyone out there. Oh and yes they are especially for you. 

So there are a few of mine, please visit and enjoy. No I have to ask everyone out there, what are some of yours?
Share any site that you would recommend for edtech or just a really cool site to visit with us (PG-13 is the rating here please). 

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  1. Scott Kelby is amazing - I had never heard of him before reading this blog.

    I enjoy messing around with Photoshop, so obviously this guy's blog is right up my alley! Kelby also seems to be in the know when it comes to EIT - I enjoyed reading his post about Google's new social networking service, Google+.

    Google+ has several advantages according to Kelby, he even suggests that Twitter had better watch out!

    Kelby lists the following about Google+:

    - It is an excellent resource for photos and a great place to meet photographers

    - You are not limited to the number of characters in your post like you are in Twitter

    - The editing options available for Google+ are more convenient than many other available services

    One drawback of Google+: its brand new. Kelby discusses that while it is a great networking tool for photographers to connect, so far it hasn't provided an ideal amount of clients.