Sunday, September 4, 2011

A lack of prior planning on your part, does not constitute an emergency on mine.

ere we are again at the beginning of the semester. Everyone is getting the feel of their classes (yours truly included) and the nuances therein. Important things such as finding assignments, turning in assignments, procrastinating until the last minute to turn in an assignment and then frantically emailing the instructor to tell them there's a problem........
OK maybe that last one is not happening for everyone but there is always the tendency to wait until the last minute to attempt an assignment, then if something goes wrong (usually at 11:30pm and the assignment is due by 11:50pm) an email is sent to the instructor explaining the problem and asking for leniency
There are two important things I want to point out here, things you have heard all of your life I would imagine, before my soapbox gets kicked out from under me.
  1. I can't help myself on the first one, I have to say it. COMPLETE YOUR HOMEWORK AHEAD OF TIME! Did you get that, I caps locked it not out of anger but so everyone in the back can hear me. If you wait until the last minute to turn in an assignment and you run into a problem, as an instructor I cannot help you. My mantra here is as the title states "A lack of prior planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine."
  2.  Ok this one is not so much about assignments but more a general life lesson. Speel Chck everithig!!! Anyone else with me? One more time, SPELL CHECK EVERYTHING!! Everyone still hear me in the back? Notes, assignments, emails, grocery lists, absolutely everything should be spell checked.
So there it is, planning ahead (and spell checking your work) will benefit you in school and in life so getting to it early, or in some cases late, is never a bad thing. Now if you'll excuse me I have an assignment due in the next hour so I should totally get started on it. Wait, what? "Site not available" what does that mean? Down for maintenance for the next two hours.......where's my instructors e-mail again?

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  1. ....tendency to wait until the last minute to attempt an assignment...

    :) even sometimes we are ready to share our Idea, but it happens to most of us to take part in the discussions and posting the assignments at the last moments ! Why is that ??!!

    It was a nice post!