Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Apple leading the way in.....Happy?

So it is well documented that Apple as a company has done some things to poke the proverbial beehive of technology, but always get off without any real consequences. Two big ones come to mind, the final cut pro debacle of 2011 (see here for the FCP mistake for the video editors out there) and why Apple and Adobe can't just work out  this Flash thing like adults, perhaps a duel of proprietary input/output devices or something equally as eloquent for the IT aristocracy.
So all of that aside and my bitterness out in the open about it, I have to say I love my iPad. Everything about it get's cooler and cooler every day (I'm a nerd when it comes to tech and this is the coolest tech I've had in years) and studies show that I am not alone in my Apple product satisfaction. According to a yearly satisfaction survey of personal computer owners Apple is the clear ruler of the personal computer "Happiness" landscape. No surprise that they have been for the last 8 years as well, Apple keeps em Happy.

I admit it, compared to the Apple computers I use my PC is a pretty big let down, and I am happier when I use the Apple devices. What about you? Anyone feel the same way? Anyone feel different? I'm curious if they polled the right people, or only those at macmall.com.


  1. I know that I have been very happy with my Macbook since I bought in December '08. I have had several iPods die on me, however, which made me UNHAPPY!

  2. I'm a PC user, but want a Mac like you wouldn't believe. I think that the Mac is one company so it is easier to appeal, whereas the PC has thousands of brands so they get divided a little? Split vote if that makes sense? In general, Apple products seem to be made better (aside from your iPod trouble Jackson). My Dell has withstood a lot, but I also treat my products (especially expensive electronics) with care. APPLE forever, which actually there was something on the radio about that. A woman was working and called in and said her coworker was a bitter PC user and that's why he hated her, I thought it was funny:)

  3. The only Apple product I own is my iPod. However, I love working with Macs and I love to mess around with iPads. I just can't decide if I think it is worth the money to spend on all the latest Apple gizmos and gadgets. Sure they're great devices and they're fun to play with, but my PC and BlackBerry do what I need them to do. Hmm... Maybe someday I will break down. I'm sure once I commit to a Mac, I'll never go back to a PC. It's just a matter of getting to that point.