Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Steve Jobs paved the way for the world to flatten out

So in a garage, circa 1976 ish a young man (who at one time thumbed his nose at real work to go backpacking through Europe on psychedelics) created one of the elements that has helped the world become flat, the personal computer. The personal computer, once looked upon only for games, would evolve to become the power flattener that it is today. A pioneer that some hold in regard with the likes of Edison, Graham Bell, and other innovators of our world. As with many others his innovation will continue to evolve and allow the continued flattening of our world. I thought it timely to point out the contributions of Mr. Jobs upon his passing, as I think this may not have been anywhere in his mind when he was tinkering around in his garage in the id seventies, but it's interesting to note what ended up happening because of it.
With that in mind what other innovators or inventions are now used in the flattening of our world that you think may not have realized the magnitude of their innovation/invention? Think it over and post what you come up with. 

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